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Monday, March 6th, 2006
4:33 pm - Forte Piano in Mirden

On the edge of 3 side by the Flag territory there is an old decaying house much like the other old buildings that have been left to fall. However this building is uninhabited. A mother and her child once lived there years ago, but the child fell ill and died. Her mother lived out her live alone until she grew old and died. But the old woman in the last years of her life had completed her life's work. She left an image of her child. But more than a simple picture of art of likeness. The image for all appearances was that child that had died so many years ago. The creation was a solid frame with a holographic image printed around it and utilizing the hyper molecule technology the child would be able to have a solid form. This digital clone of her child even had some level of intelligence, however it wasn't perfect. The image project read the form from the mind of the creation, however the creation didn't have a set form programed so after every 24 hours when the system was refresh the form would change. Features such as the ears, horns, feet, and tail were in a constant random cycle. However she would never be allowed to grow. She would forever remain a child.
Her name was once Melody, but she was created as Forte Piano.

note: Melody was pure white with blue insides and horns. Her ears are short and round, while her tail is long and skinny with a tuft at the end. Forte Piano starts out looking this way, but due to her glitch she is always changing and after her creater died she felt scarred and had the glowing red marks digitally damaged onto her "memory."

Another note: I always knew that Forte was connected to Mirden someway, I just didn't know how. Now I have a way to go and more secrets to discover.
fun right?

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Sunday, February 26th, 2006
9:27 am - Mirden- The song Wardog

"Hey there, War dog
Hey there, War dog you can die...
Or you can be with us and alive."
-chorus from Wardog

Wardog is a symbolic song of Genetic history. It tells the story of a Dog trained to live in a war life and knows nothing else until an unnamed group asks him to come with them to live, dance, and enjoy himself.
The words of the chorus concerning the dog's fate not only refer to his physical being, but to his mental being. War asks the dog to do what he already knows how to do, the brighter side asks him to do something for himself.
The song goes back and forth between the dog's excuses for staying and the group's reasons for leaving, however the dog never makes a decision. The song ends before the dog speaks.
The song is often compared to history because Genetics were once very like the war dog. Genetics were created to fight in wars and that was all they knew when the war ended, but though the years Genetics eventually became a part of the society we know today. People don't have a second thought about a Genetic having the same liberties as they do. There was once a time, however, that Genetics were driven from cities and lived in shanty towns on the outskirts until they were eventually driven from there too.
The song touches on bits of history by playing them out through the actions of the dog and the other voices of motivation. Wardog was so popular at it's release that it jumped to the top of the charts and and stayed there longer than any other song has yet to match. It has earned it's way to becoming a sort of Genetic anthem and we'll probably been hearing it for a long time to come.


NOTE: Wardog is not a real song... though it would be if I had any method of composing music. I'd have to write the rest of the lyrics though XD They're kind of non-existant.

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Friday, January 27th, 2006
9:36 pm - Character: Furrytheinsane

Name: Furrytheinsane (Sarah Calico)
Age: 19 (round abouts, it's changeable if I need it to fit time lines)
Gender: Female
Species: Genetic (Calico lineage)
Occupation: Bumming off of Domonick/Rockin' the house.
Furry was born in Mirden to the Calico family. However the memories of her family and her very name only appear in her nightmares. Furry has a hereditary disease that causes her to develop a form of multiple personalities being that they never manifest names, but there are separate personalities and switching between the unnumbered personalities causes her to forget things (aka milo does not know her mental disorders well enough to define it). Her actions range from childish to a state of mind more to her age group, and then a very rare state of mind where she becomes psychotic and delusional. However normally she is just a very odd person full of surprises and fun going. She loves music and goes to clubs as often as she can. She loves all kinds of music with a particular liking for bass and dresses in bright burn you out colors. When she's not socializing she hangs out on Domonick, raids the fridge, and plays video games.

I'm not going to give all the details of her past, however there are a few parts which won't be spoiling anything to share.
Past: Furry was born in an upper middle class family known as the Calico family (one of those rare cases in which the husband adopted the family name... Genetics like to pick the best one XD). The Calico family was known to have a curse which was actually a hereditary disorder that alternated between deteriorating the body to deteriorating the mind. Well Furry's mind started to fall out early so when her mother's body finally died she was heartbroken and could not deal with the grief. Unfortunatly her father was always trying to confort her, but with her mentality his words turn into lies and she blamed him for her death. So she held a kitchen knife over his heart and killed him in his sleep to avenge her mother not understanding that this would not bring any retribution. Distressed she left the house and wandered the streets alone clutching the bloody knife until she forgot entirely why she was holding it. She forgot about her mother and murdering her father, so she simply began playing alone in a playground she wandered to a bit confused, but content with what she had. Later she was found, but was never suspected nor prosicuted for her father's murder because she could not remember it and police never found the murder weapon so the case fell cold. Meanwhile it was realized that she had a disorder so with therapy she was able to attain a sort of balance however something happens to undo all that. (And wouldn't you like to know what happpens next)
*time warp*
Furry hangs out with the street kids (trouble makin' kids that hang around the streets... not live on them) and from a kid who tried to say "Who are you?" and said "What are you?" on accident. So Furry replied "Ima Furrytheinsane." and the name stuck.
It is also through street kids that Furry met Domonick.
[Add later maybe... *collapse*]

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
9:16 pm - Terra Vox

Name: Terra Vox
Gender: Female
Species: Genetic of feline draconic decent.
Occupation: Moth girl (The Green Moth employee)
Terra is an eccentric young girl who becomes the friend and room-mate of Byonica. She loves to dance and wear her costume (and not wearing her costume...) and chill around the apartment reading books, playing video games, or watching tv. She has the unique ability to change the colores of her markings within the bounds of a three color triangle.
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Thursday, December 8th, 2005
6:07 pm - Mirden Clubs

FlagWars era and on:

Clubs of Mirden City

Spectrum- Inspired by the song "Blue (Da ba de)" by 65 Eiffel. Spectrum is an old standing club dated back to Creon's time. It is made up of several "houses." It was later in history when the Genetics rights movement came to an end that the club added different houses for the other colors and changed it's name from "Blue" into "Spectrum." As in the song, everything in the first house is blue. The walls are blue, the lights are blue, even the drinks are blue. This theme of color coded floors is represented in the other houses of red, green, yellow, purple, and orange. The structure of each house is different because each building of the block was purchased independently. Spectrum is of course not intirly strict with it's color codes. To create theatric effects, complementory and conflicting colors are often added in conjuntion with the music and the rest of the color coded lights. Spectrum uses the pass system so that only paying customers are allowed to switch to different houses at their leisure.

Futuristic Retro- Furturistic Retro is located in 3 Side. This local club is your standard glowstick areana and has diverse array of Mirdenders who come to rave. As diverse as it's dancers, music comes from all facets of musical outlets. It is a colorful club with a friendly homely atmosphere.
The name Futuristic Retro was also once used as a slang term, meaning to be in a stalemate or feeling low, stuck, ect. "Livin' in a Futuristic Retro" Fell into - thrown into - ect.

The Green Moth- The Green Moth is a club owned by a avian genetic called Green and a orange furred mammilian called Moth. These are presumed nicknames, but no one is sure of it. The house lights are green and purple and the club has a fantesy theme with costumed actors traversing the floor. Although the Green Moth has a wonderful dancing atmosphere it's liquir bar is a high favorite. There are so many drinks there that there are few they don't have and some are unique to the club. The club plays trance music to compliment it's fantesy theme. Although the employee's are paid as actors part of their job is to pleasure their custumers, though technically not illegal due to clever thinking on Green's part it has pushed The Green Moth to become part of the underground dance clubs.

[The Thirtenth Hour]- Started when the Club's founders, Staples Lewis, Mike Jerath, and Mike Killer, nicked some house lights from an out of business theatre, this club slowly worked it's way into the heart of Mirdenders everywhere. Once a struggling indepentant, now a house hold name. [The Thirtenth Hour] is the first club to light it's house in all neutrals and black lights. The club has also nicely implimented the effects of black light and standard strobe effects. Still the most outstanding acomplishment of this club is there sense of style. All who dance here come painted in UV reactive body paint. The body paint comes temporary and permenant and is sold in nearly every color imaginable. It the club's indepentant days the floor was open on Saterdays while the paint shop was opened Mondays through Fridays, but today the club has moved to a larger premise with three enormous floors each directed by a single founder. [The Thirteenth hour] started on small bearings but grew into one of the largest and most popular clubs in Mirden.

Walls- A club noted to play voilent agressive music such as punk, metal, rock, and other hardcores. The louder and more earsplitting the better. The Walls house is set up in an old 10 story warehouse amounting to five floors, five mantinace levels above each floor, the downstairs lobby, and the upstairs hangout. On the matinence level automated machinery drops breakable wall sections onto the marked grids on the floors below. This is the clubs trademark. The decoration of Walls is flat concrete with cation patterns marking out the grids and solid walls for safty reasons. The upstairs hangout is also fairly uniqe to the club. The hangout is equiped with food and drink, padded floors, and a tilted chain link fence specially made to support emmense weight and provides a uniqe view of the city below. However when extreme weather hits the area is closed and subsituted with the Lobby. The house lights are standard colors, but are often shined with the combonations of navy blue, dark purple, forest green, or white, dominated with red and a healthy run with the sprinkler system when weather permits.
No one is quite sure who the Walls DJ is. His fiery voice and wicked temperment are such a part of Walls itself that people know when he is not at the console. He is the one who directs the club like a precise instrament. His voice rings out when the walls are being dropped. Kind enough to annonce when people will shrik back into square groups. He is the one who plays the music that says "Have fun smashing the party."

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
4:34 pm - About the Genetics

Genetic- an organism whos DNA sequence is rendered though the means of technology. Methods of creating a Genetic vary, but all create a prevoiusly unexisting organism or an organsim that would not have occured within the present bounds of natural fauna.

Clone- an organism whos DNA sequence is an exact copy or variant of a previously existing organism. [Variants are properly termed variant clone, but still fall under this definition.]

A genetic is essentially created by taking bits of DNA code and putting them together in the right order. Thought out the years this process has been refined and humans now have a better understanding of DNA and the science of gentetics. Genetic technology has advanced so far as to create organims with dual shoulder-blades as to allow extra appendages most commonly wings.

Genetics were first created [somewhere... I'm a bad bad detailist] but the first attempts at creating a new organism produced nothing more than sad deformed creatures that died within the first few weeks of there lives.

Types of Genetics: These catagories are not used in the scientific field, but are common words to describe the basic physical features of a Genetics.

Humanoid- The Genetic has a form and posture not vastly different than that of an ordinary human being.

Feral- The Genetic has a form that does not walk upright and has a form similar to that of quadruped, unless of course the genetic has more than four limbs such as dragons, Gryphons, Taurs, and other missilanous Others.

Other- This is not a catgory itself, but rather the many names and sub-divisions that Humanoid and Feral Genetics are put into.
Dragons or Nature of a dragon- Dragon is a term to describe not only Genetics that resemble the mythological beast, but any other genetic that has a generic four-limbed form with an extra set of limbs for wings webbed or otherwise. This is what the term Nature of the dragon is for.
Taurs- These genetics are so rare that many people doubt they are ever possable life forms. These genetic sport a form much like the Greek centuar though there specific physical features can be anything... such as a cat.
(I will not explain the other deviants of Genetics since they are self explainitory such as Feline, Canine, or Cat, and Wolf ect.)

Other Genetic Info-
Dreamers- Genetics with somewhat telepathic ablilities. These Genetics transend dreams and the mind with ease. They often appear mystical or detached from everyone but other dreamers in which they can share a mental link that non-dreamers rarely experience. Most describe this mental link as vibe.

Shifters- Genetics with a DNA structure that is not fixed. These rare individuals have the ability to attain another form. A shifters other form is not vastly different in mass and coloration and they usually only have one other attainable form.
[and more later neh?]

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
2:17 pm - A bit of this... but it needs more.

Brief ER info:

ER is a slang term from the youth to mean Earth. At it's basics it just means that life is hectic and almost intolerable from their point of view.

The sun is large and red, the weather is actually colder because the sun's rays are weaker than what they were. Some people are worried about it, others just ignore it... the sun still has a ways to go.

Mirden Anne- The city where events in the story take place. In the furture is becomes simply Mirden and gains more mass and becomes the center of all arts, but primaraly music. However now it is a chaotic place where fear of Genetics flies by an unspoken word.

Halloween High- A high school with school colors of orange and black. There mascot is a black cat and there school lunches are noctorious.

Underground- A system of old and new metro ways that harbor the escaped Genetics. The only thing protecting them from capture and destruction are the many cleverly contructed traps that guard each doorway.

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
9:54 pm - Stories in order

The names of the stories and a list of all the characters that I could remember that go to them.

LookoutforstuffsCollapse )

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8:54 pm - More Old Concepts

A story bit told from Creon's view about an old video... I'm not sure of it's quality since I havn't reread as of yet. X3
STORY TIMECollapse )
I'm sorry if it's lame in spots, I'm more the wiser nowadays...

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8:49 pm - Old things

Old concepts leading up to the Flag Wars plot... basic timeline.
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